style spotlight: Margot Robbie

I feel pretty confident in saying that almost all women will have a girl crush in some form. Whether it’s someone they know, or more likely a celebrity or icon whom they admire for a variety of different reasons. I have several girl crushes and when I think about it for a bit longer, they fall under different categories. Some are because I think they are a great actress, some it’s solely about their style, some I’ve had for a long time and others are new but they all have that likeable quality and will often make you think ‘what a babe‘. When you boil it down to basics, it is simply women celebrating other women and there is nothing wrong with that.

My last style spotlight post on Phoebe Tonkin is definitely an example of a girl crush of mine, whereas the one focusing on Alicia Vikander was more about how great I think her style is. For this installment I’m returning to someone who I (and most women at this current time) are just a little bit obsessed with: Margot Robbie. The Australian actress has been in two huge movies, The Wolf of Wall Street and Suicide Squad, both of which it seemed like everyone was talking about at their respective times and so it resulted in everyone knowing about Margot Robbie at the same time… Unless you were a diehard Neighbours fan. It’s also worth noting that she was a stand-out in both of those films, especially in Suicide Squad as Harley Quinn was by far the best character/part of that movie. Plus, in every interview I’ve seen her in she always comes across really well – funny and smart.

As relevant as this all is, the main area I want to focus on today is Margot Robbie’s great style. I took notice of what she was wearing pretty quickly because she has just been killing it in the outfit department. She manages to mix up the looks she wears but it still feels right for her. In a similar way, her hair and makeup choices mirror this as she often changes her hair cut and colour (although I think she suits blonde best) and isn’t afraid of trying out a variety of beauty looks. Margot Robbie frequently wears Gucci and Alexander McQueen and can effortlessly pull off a range of styles, from minimal to heavily embellished. Her Tom Ford Oscar look is still one of my absolute favourites. Whether it’s casual and chic daywear or a beautiful gown, she basically doesn’t put a foot wrong. Of course at this point I have to mention Margot’s stylist, Kate Young. In addition to Robbie, she styles Natalie Portman, Michelle Williams and Dakota Johnson, all of whom look great on near enough every red carpet outing too. Kate Young also styles Sienna Miller and I needed to mention this separately because she is a forever girl crush of mine – her style which I’ve always loved, her amazing hair and I enjoy her films. She deserves a style spotlight post of her own, but that will take a long time to compile! In short, Kate Young is a truly great stylist who just gets her clients and Margot Robbie is a great example of that.

oscars-margot robbie
Tom Ford
Alexander McQueen
Miu Miu
Elie Saab
Proenza Schouler
Rosetta Getty
Proenza Schouler
Ralph Lauren coat, Trademark trousers
Brock Collection coat




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