sweater (and scarf and coat and boot) weather.

Here in England, the temperature has definitely dropped. It happened quite suddenly last week and it seems to be sticking. Gone are the humid, weirdly warm days that we were still exeperiencing in September because a new month seems to have brought new weather. It finally feels like Autumn with crisp days and even hints of the Winter to come, when you find yourself pulling out your coziest sweaters to curl up in on the sofa.

To tell you the truth, I actually prefer the Autumn/Winter months. As nice as the sunshine is, I feel like you can only fully enjoy it when you’re on holiday. Trying to get dressed when you live in a city and it’s really hot out is just so uncomfortable and it’s when I feel my least fashionable. The colder months however, bring the clothing and accessories that I’ve always been more drawn to. I gravitate towards jumpers, jackets and boots whether I’m browsing in an actual store or online and so now that it’s colder, I can finally buy and wear these items. This year, there has been no gradual lead up to Autumn and instead the change in season has come out of nowhere. When looking at my wardrobe, there are definitely some gaps to fill in terms of chic, winter appropriate pieces and so I decided to look to Pinterest for some outfit inspiration.

I want to finally master the art of tying a scarf. That may sound odd but I feel like whenever I wear one, it never looks as effortless yet artful as you see in street style images. A scarf is an easy way of incorporating pattern or colour in your outfit too, especially if your wardrobe consists of mostly black and denim like mine.

I will be on the look-out for a new winter coat and/or jacket because I’ve had my current ones for the past few years and my trench coat just won’t cut it as it gets colder. I couldn’t resist including the Acne Velocite jacket because I’m still obsessed with it – it is simply gorgeous and looks so warm and cozy too. I’ve already spotted a few High Street versions of it online, but whether they look as good in person will be the true test.

I could definitely do with updating my footwear collection this season. I’m glad that trainers are still ‘in’ as they are so easy to wear and go with basically everything. Finding the perfect boot can be a bit trickier. I tend to go for a pair in black but I’ve seen some great leopard and snakeskin ones recently too. Whether I want boots that are completely flat or have a small, chunky heel, is where I’m still undecided.

Who doesn’t love a big sweater to bundle up in? Turtlenecks can look so cool and stylish, but they often make me feel a bit claustrophobic. I wonder if this will be the year that I find one that doesn’t make me feel like that…  I’ve also rediscovered the cardigan this year and I’ve been playing around with styling some of my jumpers using the half-tuck. It helps to have options when it comes to knitwear so you don’t just feel like you’re wearing the same thing throughout the colder months.

It’s worth looking to celebrities for Autumn/Winter style inspiration too as some do have realistic ‘off duty’ outfits. Take cues from their ability to dress in a way that is casual but never sloppy, and with great accessories to pull the whole look together.

On a final, extra note I just wanted to mention that there won’t be any music monday posts for a little while. I’m not sure exactly when they will return but my work at the moment has been and will continue to keep me really busy. For me, it’s more important that I publish a fashion post each and every week and I think having just one post to focus on a week will enable me to do that. In addition, I don’t want to ever put out a post just for the sake of it and I felt like that could happen with my music monday ones if I was having to rush to write it week in, week out.


all images via pinterest.com

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