music monday: Hippo Campus

My music pick for this week is actually quite an unusual one. It’s not that the genre of music is very different from what I usually choose, but instead that my connection to the song and artist is unlike any of my previous posts.

Last week I decided to listen to the Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify after my older brother had mentioned that it is dependent on what you listen to – it’s not the same for everyone. I put it on shuffle and about half way through the second song that played, I had to stop what I was doing in order to check what it was and who it was by. I enjoyed it so much that I knew there and then that it would be the focus of today’s post. The track in question is South by Hippo Campus and the funny thing about it is that I know basically nothing about this band. The biography on their Spotify page describes Hippo Campus as somewhere in between Vampire Weekend and Bombay Bicycle Club, which is definitely a positive in my opinion as they are two bands I have liked for a very long time. After listening to more of their music I can understand those comparisons too. It’s weird but I am fine with not being able to reel off facts about Hippo Campus, I quite like that I found their music in a really organic way. I think in a time of information overload, I like that I can now just keep an ear out for any mentions of this band and in the time being just listen to the rest of their discography on Spotify.

I would certainly recommend listening to South because it is the song that caught my attention and I would also advise you check out Dollar Bill and Sophie So as they both really stood out for me too. It’s a great feeling to discover a new band and music that you just immediately connect with and enjoy. I will definitely be pressing play on Hippo Campus while I’m working this week.

Hippo Campus – South



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