music monday: Kings of Leon

This week I will be properly starting a new chapter in my life, one that will be exciting and busy and challenging all at once. Last week I wrote about a song which I found to be good to work to as it was quietly motivating and I think today’s song could also be considered a productivity enhancing track too, but not so quiet this time!

I first heard the newest song from Kings of Leon at the end of last week, completely by chance, and after hearing it once I knew that I liked it. I played it a few more times later on and my opinion of it stayed positive. When it came to writing this week’s music post, I did debate whether I should pick a track from one of their older albums or just go with their latest song. As you will see I decided on Waste A Moment (the new one) because when I heard it on the radio I knew it was Kings of Leon almost immediately and I liked that they do have a really distinct sound without being predictable or tedious. I also knew it would probably take me a lot longer to pick one song from their extensive discography.

I’ve enjoyed Kings of Leon’s music for many years now and I still remember how good they were live when I saw them at a festival ages ago. In my opinion Waste A Moment holds up when compared to my favourites from their previous albums. When Sex on Fire and Use Somebody were released, they were two songs that were constantly on the radio and there have been so many contestants on various talent shows who have sung some version of them. All of that I think led to a bit of Kings of Leon fatigue and those songs were the only reference some people had for the band. However, I hope that with the time they have taken off it will banish those negative opinions because I think they consistently put out really good music. For me I can see Waste A Moment been played alongside their other songs which I listen to pretty reguarly, including On CallThe Immortals, Closer and The Bucket to name a few.

Kings of Leon – Waste A Moment



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