music monday: The Drums

For this week’s music monday pick I really have my iTunes shuffle to thank. Today’s song came up when I was listening to music while working and as it got towards the end of the track, it suddenly hit me that it should be the focus of my next music post.

I’ve chosen Days by The Drums and I actually hadn’t listened to it for a really long time before I had my music library on shuffle that day. I even had to switch windows just to check what the song was so I could write about it! Less than halfway through the song I remembered how much I liked it, even if I couldn’t exactly remember the artist. It’s always a good thing when instead of having to keep skipping through songs on the shuffle, it leads you to rediscover great music you had forgotten about. Days was unfortunately one of them… but no more!

I found it to be really good to have on in the background while I was working as it is quite calming and relaxing. You can have a bit of a gentle sway and sing along to it as well and although that makes me sound like an old lady, I prefer music like that for when I’m working. As my work usually consists of writing, with the odd bit of researching of images and articles on my laptop, the majority of the time I will listen to music while I’m doing it. I already have a sleep playlist, which I mentioned in more detail here, and this got me thinking that maybe I should create a work/productivity one too. It would be made up of a collection of songs which help me while I’m working – music that can motivate me (a bit like the playlists people have for the gym in a way), songs which have a good beat to do so but are not distracting. Until then, I will be a lot busier and have a lot more writing to do from this week onwards and therefore I think Days is the perfect song choice for today.

The Drums – Days



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