in with the new.

Firstly, I just wanted to explain that there wasn’t a music monday post this week because I had some technical difficulties. I’ve decided that I will just save that one for next Monday.

Back onto this week’s fashion post and today I wanted to discuss Jonathan Saunders and DVF. New York Fashion Week just finished last night and one of the more anticipated shows this season was Diane von Furstenberg. Back in December of last year, British designer Jonathan Saunders announced that he would be closing his namesake label and not long afterwards it was revealed that he would be taking up the position of Chief Creative Officer at DVF. This was pretty big news within the fashion industry because it wasn’t an expected move. There were rumours swirling that Jonathan Saunders might take over at Dior, as Raf Simons departed the role in October 2015 (still kind of sad about that one by the way!), but as Diane von Furstenberg had been at the helm of her brand since 1997 it was definitely a surprise.

However after Saunders’ debut collection for the iconic brand earlier this week, any worries some might of had would have been quickly banished. The collection he presented for Spring Summer 2017 is simply gorgeous. It comprises of pieces which are modern, cool and elegant. They are also sophisticated and feminine yet still fun, which I think fits perfectly with the existing codes of the DVF brand. The influence of Jonathan Saunders can be seen in how patterns and textures have been mixed. This style was often demonstrated in his own collections and was something that he always executed very well. It is no different in his first season for DVF as it still doesn’t look over-the-top nor does it clash in a way that will only look good on the models. In addition, he has been able to create a fluidity without losing all shape and structure in the pieces in this collection.

When looking at the SS’17 collection as a whole, it looks practical and easily wearable. I know technically all clothes are wearable but some designs that are sent down the runway don’t look like they could actually fit into an ordinary woman’s wardrobe. Diane von Furstenberg really knew how to dress women and I think this collection upholds that ideal. Saunders has even managed to update the DVF classic of the wrap dress. There is an element of that silhouette in many of the looks with the actual dresses coming in two forms. While one is black and textured with an almost kimono-like structured style, the other is soft and flowing with a patchwork print. Both are cinched with looped belts in varying widths.

While this is not the entire collection, it certainly is most of it because I found it hard to narrow it down to just a few favourites. I was really impressed by Jonathan Saunders’ first collection for Diane von Furstenberg and I can’t wait to see what he does in seasons to come.



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