music monday: Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

It’s been a few weeks but I’m back! I can honestly say that the time I took out has really helped. I feel refreshed and very much ready to return to regular posting. I said in my time out post that I felt like I had lost my creative mojo but I’m happy to report that it is back. It’s also good to know that it is more effective to take a bit of time out rather than forcing yourself to push through it. In my case, it would have ended up with me producing blog posts for the sake of keeping up with a schedule but they ultimately would have been sub-par.

I knew that I would want to start posting again at the beginning of a new week and so that meant the first would be a music monday one. I do think this is a nice way of getting back into it and the song I’ve chosen is actually pretty apt for these circumstances, which is a nice coincidence. I decided on Home by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros last week and it’s only after I sat down to write this that I realised it sort of relates to me coming back ‘home’ to this blog. It has turned out to be a good song to pick for my first post back.

In more general terms, it’s very likely that I would have featured Home in one of my future music monday posts because it is a song that I have owned and loved for many years. It is only since writing about my favourite music that I have realised it is 50/50 whether I remember the origin of my connection with a certain song. I don’t remember when I first heard Home but I do know it was my first introduction to Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros (I have several other songs by them in my music library) and that I really liked this track straight away. I listen to it pretty regularly too and even when I don’t I can still find myself singing it for a few days in a row – which is exactly what happened last week. Although it can also get stuck in my head when I suddenly hear it on TV as it has been used in a couple of different adverts in recent years.

For me, this song is an old favourite and I enjoy listening to it whenever. It’s often a go to when I just want something to listen to but I also like it in the background whilst I’m doing different tasks – whether that’s crossing a point off my to do list or when I’m working. It’s an upbeat and fun song and it’s actually more folksy than what I usually listen to. In my opinion Home is definitely a song to put you in a good mood and as I’ve found out, it’s a great soundtrack for my return to regular blogging too!

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros – Home



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