music monday: Peter Gabriel

My music choice for this week was inspired by something different. It wasn’t to do with the weather or what my usual preference of music genre is or my mood at the time. Instead it was by my recent Netflix viewing activity.

A little nugget of information to know about me is that I love really getting into a TV show, whether it’s one I’ve watched for many years or a new series. When I was ill and couldn’t really do much of anything, it was kind of comforting to know that I could just get totally absorbed in one of my shows and forget about my health problems for a little while. Before that though, I still watched a fair amount and it has continued even more so after it too. I still watch TV on an actual television (and using various other online sources) but I do love Netflix and in particular the majority of their original programming has just been so good.

This brings me right back to the inspiration for this week’s music monday which is that I recently started watching Stranger Things. I had heard and read so many comments about this series, thankfully without any spoilers, and not a single one of them was negative. I finally got around to starting it myself last week and I was hooked pretty quickly. One of the things I noticed almost immediately was the music. Stranger Things is set in the 1980’s and while I’m not normally into that decade of music, with this series it has been different. Both the songs featured and the score are quite synth-heavy which I think really works with Stranger Things‘ eerie and mysterious vibe. It definitely helps to build the universe of the show too.

I’ve picked Heroes by Peter Gabriel for today’s song because in the scene it was used in, it punctuated the drama and emotion very well. I’d never heard this version of the David Bowie original but I think it’s a great cover – the orchestral element allows it to sound very different without completely losing the original. It is also in line with the style of music that I usually listen to as it is a lot slower. I have also included the link to the Stranger Things theme song simply because I really like it and I think it gives you a good idea of the show’s music score.

Peter Gabriel – Heroes

Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein – Stranger Things Theme



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