editorial appreciation: ear to ear

I must admit that I was lacking inspiration for today’s post. Nothing was really coming to my mind of what to write about. I eventually decided to write another editorial appreciation post because, well why not? I have enjoyed looking back at some of the magazine editorials which I love in the past (including last week) and so I figured I would do the same this week. Despite this sounding a bit like this will be a filler post, trust me when I say it’s not. It may be a bit easier to write, particularly when I’m a little stuck for ideas but I would always rather write something that I do care about instead of forcing myself to produce anything just so I keep up with my posting schedule.

Now to get into the main part of this post. I wanted to focus on the editorial Ear To Ear which was in the May 2016 issue of Vogue US. As you can tell from when it was published, this shoot is not that old in both general terms and when compared to the other ones I have featured in my previous posts of this type. However it does share some similarities with these other posts; firstly in terms of the people who worked on the shoot, Ear To Ear, CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund and In The Fold all have make-up artist Sally Branka in common, with the first two also sharing Sara Moonves as stylist. Plus the way in which I came across Ear To Ear was through Instagram and this is the same way I first saw In The Fold. The only difference is that whilst I only saw one image a long time ago from the British Vogue shoot, with this one I saw a few of the images across different social media accounts and liked them all individually.

There were several factors that drew me to Ear To Ear with a major one being stylist and Contributing Fashion Editor at Vogue US, Sara Moonves. I remember a few years ago when I was researching Sara Moonves’ work as an option for an assignment I was doing that I became a big fan of hers right there and then. While I didn’t end up using her as the focus of my project back then, her work stayed with me and now her name will always come up when I’m thinking of my favourite stylists. I think that is why I was not surprised when I saw she styled Ear To Ear, particularly when looking at the shot which originally drew me to this editorial – Vanessa Axente and Fei Fei Sun in ‘same same but different’ Miu Miu ensembles and messy top-knots. Sara Moonves styles in a way which is playful, chic and cool all the same time, while still looking natural on the model. For me, a great example of this naturalness is the photo of Zoe Kravitz because I could quite easily seeing her wear that whole look on a red carpet. This shoot was actually an accessories story focusing on chandelier-style earrings and I like how you can clearly see them in each shot without it being so obvious. Sara Moonves managed to strike that balance of making sure the earrings weren’t lost in the image but that they didn’t overpower it either. When you combine her styling with the photography of the legendary Patrick Demarchelier, it’s no wonder this spread was a stunning success.

On a final note I do feel there is a slight eccentric vibe to this editorial. It comes across in the styling but also by having only one of the photos in black and white. The end result is really striking and I like that it mirrors the monochromatic Proenza Schouler looks worn by Imaan and Frederikke. It simultaneously stands out for its lack of colour while playing up the vibrancy of it in the other shots. 

Vanessa Axente, Fei Fei Sun

Karlie Kloss

Zoe Kravitz

Imaan Hammam, Frederikke Sofie


Lizzy Plapinger


Grace Hartzel

images via models.com

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