music monday: RY X

For this week’s music monday, I wanted to return to the slower, dreamier style of song which I had almost exclusively been featuring on this blog before the past month or so. It is the type of music which I listen to the most because it lends itself perfectly to both be played in the background whilst I’m working and when I want to sort of lose myself in a song. Whether that is to have one of those more contemplative moments or if I don’t want to think at all and instead just really listen to the music. This genre of music is what I prefer to soundtrack my daily life, regardless of if it is me-time or when I’m being super productive. In the end, it is just what I enjoy.

All of that leads me onto the actual song I have chosen for today and it definitely lines up with what I’ve said above. Love Like This by RY X is simply a beautiful song in my opinion. It possesses that dreamy quality I like and has a romantic feel to it. I can just imagine how well it would work to punctuate an emotional scene in a movie or In an episode of TV too. I really can’t remember exactly how and when I first heard Love Like This but despite it somehow being two years old already, my fondness for it hasn’t waned at all. When it came on the shuffle of my music library last week, I hadn’t listened to it for a while and it was the fact that I still loved it and subsequently kept replaying it that inspired me to make it the focus of this music monday post. 

Another point worth mentioning is that on Spotify it lists Matt Corby and James Vincent McMorrow as related artists. This is further proof that RY X is well aligned with my existing musical preferences as Matt Corby is my absolute favourite artist, who I’ve even written about twice on this blog (here and here), and I have several of James Vincent McMorrow’s songs in my regular rotation of music. 

RY X – Love Like This



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