editorial appreciation: in the fold

The difference between today’s editorial appreciation post and my previous ones (which can be seen here and here) is that this one was inspired by one image alone, rather than the entire shoot. The photograph featuring Julie Hoomans was this one image and it has actually been pinned to my front and centre board on Pinterest for a long time now. When I first saw this shot, I loved it straight away so I saved it and later pinned it as I knew I would want to be able to easily return to it. The funny thing is that I had actually never looked at the rest of the editorial it was from until I was thinking about writing this post. I don’t regularly buy British Vogue and I only get it if there is a particular feature I am really interested in. Therefore I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the rest of shoot and found that the majority of the images were just as striking. For this reason, I decided to order the photos by my personal preference.

As for the details of this editorial, it is titled In The Fold and it’s from the February 2014 issue of British Vogue. It was photographed by Josh Olins and styled by Lucinda Chambers, who is British Vogue’s Fashion Director. It is also worth mentioning the hair, Sam McKnight, and make-up, Sally Branka, artists because what they created definitely added to the impact and overall feel of the images. Josh Olins, Sally Branka and of course Lucinda Chambers often work on editorials for this publication and Sam McKnight is one of the best hair stylists in the industry. This is important because I do think the regularity of which these creatives work together is reflected in how all the different elements of this shoot easily combine and complement each other. The effectiveness of the photography, styling, hair and make-up in In The Fold and how they seamlessly blend together can be seen by how they successfully created one cohesive fashion story.

I have always favoured fashion photography which is more natural and organic rather than the more over-the-top and manipulated images you also see. It is why Cass Bird is one of my favourite photographers (trust me when I say I could write a really lengthy blog post on her!) and when looking over Josh Olins’ work it is no surprise that In The Fold stood out to me as his photography seems to possess a similar style. When you can feel the warmth in a set of images and they are striking in their simplicity, that is when you will really have my attention, and these factors are definitely present in this editorial. In The Fold is minimal without being stark and it’s pared-back nature allows the models to stand out without overshadowing the details of the clothing. This is when the combination of the photography, styling, hair and make-up I mentioned earlier is truly important because each of these parts have to be well balanced in order to be effective in this soft yet striking way. The monochromatic styling adds to the minimal feel of In The Fold but it is also a clever way of making the structure of the clothes more visible and therefore enhances the beauty of them. I love the incorporation of nature throughout this shoot. Twigs, bark, leaves and flowers are used instead of accessories and they add texture, and in some cases the slightest hint of colour to the images. It is another example of using a subtle detail to add to the overall impact of the editorial and to create a narrative too.

A final thing which I like a lot about this editorial looking back at it now, is that it was used to introduce a new set of models that could possibly become the next big things. I am used to seeing most of them very often in editorials and ad campaigns now but in particular it is quite funny to see Anna Ewers listed as a newcomer!

Julie Hoomans
Holly Rose Emery
Anna Ewers
Ophelie Guillermand
Madison Leyes
Elisabeth Erm
Julia Bergshoeff, Eva Berezina
Ola Rudnicka
Betty Adewole
Hollie-May Saker
Zlata Mangafic
Harleth Kuusik, Maja Salamon


images via thefashionography.com

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