music monday: Charlotte Martin

I am completely uncertain of when and where I first heard the song I decided to feature today. It is also the only song by this artist that I own, I couldn’t even name another one of their songs. Despite these unusual circumstances, it is actually one of the most played songs in my music library.

For today’s music monday I’ve chosen Redeemed by Charlotte Martin. I have owned this song for many years now and in fact when I looked it up on Spotify the album it is from, Stromata, was released in 2006. It is 10 years old now but I still listen to it really often. Some of this can be accounted for due to it being on my sleep playlist (which I mentioned in more detail here) but it is also because I frequently press play on this track whilst I’m working, browsing online or when I simply just want to listen to something. I enjoy listening to Redeemed at any occasion because it works equally well to just be played in the background as it does to really hear every little part of it.

Even though it is on my sleep playlist it is not quite as gentle as the majority of the others, such as Holocene by Bon Iver or To Build A Home by The Cinematic Orchestra, but I do still think it lends itself to helping me to wind down. On the other hand, I also find it to be quite an uplifting song, which is why I am happy to listen to it basically whenever. It is another musical example which proves that mellow doesn’t have to mean dreary. Plus, it doesn’t sound like anything else – it has it’s own individual sound. I like Redeemed for these reasons and they are what have given this song its longevity amongst my music favourites.

Charlotte Martin – Redeemed



image via wikipedia

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