music monday: Feist

I’m throwing it back to an ‘oldie but goodie’ again for my music pick this week. However this time I’m going back further, to 2007 to be exact, and the best thing is that this song is still great today. It hasn’t dated and I’m just as happy to listen to it now as I was when I first heard it nine years ago.

The song in question is 1234 by Feist. It’s from her album The Reminder and when I looked at the tracklist for this album I realised that I actually own a lot of the songs on it. While I’m not entirely sure what she is up to now, I always enjoyed her music. That is still true now as if one of Feist’s songs comes up on the shuffle, I don’t skip it. The reason I decided on 1234 in particular is partly because it was the song that introduced me to her music. I also picked it because the heatwave here in the UK has continued and so I am still in the mood for lighter music. I just want to listen to music that is upbeat, fun and happy and in my opinion that describes 1234 easily and I do think it is especially appropriate for summer. In addition, this song demonstrates Feist’s unique sound really well and if you like this one, you’ll probably enjoy most of her discography.  So, if you don’t mind me I’m off to sing and hum this song for the rest of my day (and likely the rest of the week too).

Feist – 1234



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