music monday: Lianne La Havas

This past weekend here in the UK was really sunny and hot which despite being the middle of July it is actually quite unusual, and it was even more so this year because we have had torrential rain most days in the recent weeks. The relevance of this mini weather report is that the rise in temperature has influenced what music I wanted to feature in my post today. I wanted a song that was more upbeat and one that just feels kind of summery. I know that isn’t exactly a technical term or an obvious indicator, but certain music just lends itself to being listened to in warmer weather; either on holiday or in the garden or sitting by a fan writing a blog post.

Taking all this into account, I looked to some slightly older songs in my iTunes library and I decided on What You Don’t Do by Lianne La Havas for this week’s music monday. This song is from the album Blood and it was released around this time last year. I do actually remember that I first heard this song on the radio while in the car with my mum and I downloaded it pretty much straight away when I got home. I instantly loved it after hearing it just once and although I haven’t listened to it that much recently, playing it again now I still like it just as much. It was a great song for last summer and I think it will work for this summer too, whether that’s a long weekend or the rest of the month.

I have enjoyed Lianne La Havas’ music for a long time now and when I first heard What You Don’t Do, it felt like it had been ages since I had heard new music from her. It is only when I looked it up that I found that it had been three years between her albums. I would definitely recommend listening to her debut album Is Your Love Big Enough? too as there are many great songs on it, including the title track. What You Don’t Do does have a bit of a different sound but it is all good in my opinion. I think you can easily tell her sound and voice and I’d much rather have this be my repeat song for the summer than some soulless dance track that sounds identical to so many others.

Lianne La Havas – What You Don’t Do



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