runway round-up: couture fall 2016 (pt.1)

Firstly a bit of housekeeping; there was no music monday post this week because last week seemed to just disappear and I had a busy weekend. On Sunday evening I still didn’t have a song in mind and I thought it was better to skip a week rather than force myself to write a post that would end up being subpar.

Onto today’s post though, which is a little later than scheduled because it’s subject didn’t finish until late last night, and it is all about the Haute Couture Fall 2016 Fashion Week. Looking at the collections on Vogue Runway (which I still type in as in my browser!) I couldn’t help but think how amazing it must be to physically attend these shows due to the pure beauty of Couture. You can see it in these photos and in the videos, that are uploaded to social media by editors and bloggers, the incredible handiwork that goes into creating Couture pieces. The time and skill needed and used for these collections can be clearly seen and I think Couture is often a great example of artistry within fashion.

I decided to order the collections by the schedule of Couture week and because there is a lot I want to cover here, I’m actually going to break it up into two posts. Endless scrolling is not that fun even when the content is pretty great to look at! I think my favourite show was Dior, who showed an entirely black and white collection that was elegant, featured beautiful details and was quite a modern and more minimalist take on Couture as a whole.

Ulyana Sergeenkoulyanasulyanas2ulyanas3ulyanas4Atelier Versaceversaceversace2versace3versace4versace5Schiaparellischaiparellischaiparelli2schaiparelli3schaiparelli4Diordiordior2dior3dior4dior5dior6Giambattista Valligiambavgiambav2giambav3giambav4giambav5Chanelchanelchanel3chanel4chanel5chanel6

Check back at the same time tomorrow for my favourite looks from the final seven shows.


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