music monday: Rae Morris

I was first introduced to Rae Morris about three years ago whilst working on a group assignment as an option for a music act for a hypothetical fashion event we had to plan. Before this I had never heard of her, but as soon as we listened to her song Grow I thought I would probably end up listening to her music on my own, after all the work was done. Rae Morris’ sound seemed to fit in with the type of music I like and regularly listen to, for example she features on Bombay Bicycle Club’s song Luna, which is certainly well loved by me. However while I did listen to her music a fair amount at the time (and for a while afterwards), I must admit that she hasn’t been in my regular playlists continually since then. The increase in me listening to her music recently is all down to the power of the iTunes shuffle.

This leads me to my pick for music monday this week – Unguarded. The song, from her 2015 album of the same name, does have a bit of a different sound to Grow in that it has a more upbeat, hypnotic sound to it but this doesn’t take away the meaning felt in the lyrics. I’ve mentioned in previous music monday posts that I prefer music that you can connect to, that the lyrics aren’t just nonsense or repetitive. I don’t mind songs which are faster paced or more dance-y as long as they don’t compromise on this. I’ve listened to the rest of the Unguarded album and on a whole I do think it leans more towards to a dance-adjacent vibe, but the songwriting and her impressive voice make it distinctive and worth the listen. For now though I think I will continue to play Unguarded (the single) on repeat and maybe marvel a little at the discovery I made while looking for an image for this post; the fact she is the same age as me! Or maybe I will just distract myself from that by looking at her great hair while listening instead…

Rae Morris – Unguarded



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