what the water gave me.

In all honesty today’s post has come about in an unusual way. I was really struggling to think of a topic and when I eventually thought of something by the time I had finished writing, it was pretty late. I decided to just go to bed and I would add in the images I wanted/needed for the post in the morning. However as I was making my breakfast this morning, I was thinking about the visual content I still had to add and I realised that I wasn’t completely happy with the blog post. Instead of trying to force myself to complete it, I started afresh and went with the idea that suddenly came to me as I was pouring my cereal – an inspiration post.

I personally like it when the blogs I read put together a post consisting of a collection of images which they find inspiring and so why not try out that format myself? Part of my original post helped me to choose a focus for this one: water. I really enjoy using my Pinterest and possibly my favourite board to curate is my one dedicated to water, which is titled what the water gave me (not a coincidence that this post has the same name!). I find photographs of water really beautiful and calming. Whether it features crashing waves or a still lake, or if it has a surfer or a swimmer in the frame, I love them all pretty much equally and I could look at the collection I’ve gathered forever. I actually come across images of water on social media and online quite often and so I am always happily adding to this board. These are a sampling of what I have pinned so I’ve linked the actual board below too.

what the water gave me



images via my pinterest account linked above, all original links found there too






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