music monday: Christine and the Queens

To be completely honest I actually had a different song in mind for this week’s music monday, I had even written the first paragraph of the post. However after watching Graham Norton with my family on Friday night, I knew I would probably have to start over. Christine and the Queens performed and straight away I felt like the name sounded familiar but I couldn’t think why and the song she sang, Tilted, didn’t jog my memory either as I had not heard it before. It was only when I looked up music from Girls on Tunefind (great website btw) that I figured out why the name was so familiar – her song iT was featured in 4th episode of Season 5. I remembered straight away that I had looked up this song as soon as the episode was over but for some reason I never got around to downloading it.

After watching Christine and the Queens (whose real name is Héloïse Letissier) on Graham Norton my interest in her was sparked because of two things: firstly she danced with a small group of male dancers during her performance in this really mesmerising way. I haven’t seen dancing like that before but it added a whole other visual level to her performance which paired really well with the unique sound of her music. Secondly, when she was talking afterwards I thought she came off as smart, funny and cool. Overall I was very impressed with Christine and the Queens. Even though I don’t speak French, I still like the parts of her music that are in her native language as it seems natural in this genre of music. On another note, I’m sort of glad that I never got around to downloading iT before because this way it led me to actually listen to the whole of her album Chaleur Humaine. Due to this her album will most likely be my next music purchase.

For today though, I decided to pick Tilted to single out. Even though iT is the song I initially knew better from Chaluer Humaine, after listening to the whole of this album (again I really enjoyed all of it) and hearing it on Graham Norton this song stood out for me. Parts of it have been stuck in my head and I think Tilted shows how electronic pop music can be inventive and unusual. This track has a slightly odd tune but in a good way and it is one which you can still move to. It’s this and the blend of English and French that further demonstrate the unique sound of Christine and the Queens, which I honestly love.

Christine and the Queens – Tilted



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