style on the small screen.

Back in February I started and finished the Neftlix series Love and over the 10 episodes I realised I had a new fictional style crush in the character of Mickey. From the very first episode I couldn’t help but notice what she was wearing. I continued to do this until the end of the season and even now, four months later, I’m still obsessed with Mickey’s wardrobe.

Gillian Jacobs stars as the female protagonist in Love and she pulls off both the character and her clothes with such ease. The fact that the outfit choices throughout the series seem so natural and well suited for Mickey further helps to create this covetable on-screen style. I must give praise to costume designer Jennifer Eve at this point too because without her I possibly wouldn’t be writing this post.

The clothes that Mickey wears are not groundbreaking or even totally unique looks but I love them because a lot of the pieces are things that I have been after myself. Furthermore, they all add up to a general style which I love; one which is casual and cool, that easily works for many different occasions and also has a vintage (as in from a vintage store, rather than a particular era) influence to it. It’s that effortless, “oh I just threw this on” vibe but you still care that you’re somewhat put together – sort of like Alexa Chung when she isn’t on a red carpet/at an event. A great example is the high-waist vintage style Levi’s Mickey wears for most of the first two episodes as they have been firmly at the top of my wishlist for quite a while now. Her entire outfit for the party in the 4th episode: camo jacket, striped cami, dark denim and ankle boots is possibly my favourite of them all and although I personally wouldn’t wear mustard dungarees, I’ve already written all about wanting a denim pair. From a vintage Letterman jacket and soft, slightly oversized jumpers to a stripy ringer tee and a slinky, sequinned mini-dress; Mickey’s attire is stylish without trying too hard, feminine without being girly, comfortable without being schleppy. Basically it’s everything I want to wear but it is also attainable too. If you are crushing on the style of someone in Gossip Girl you know you need the money those characters have too but with Love some extra time searching and shopping around will likely lead you to similar pieces.

As a final note, I would recommend watching Love and not just for the fashion because I found it to be funny and smart and it also had some heavier, more serious plot lines too. Due to these factors I think it’s just a well rounded TV series. It’s only 10 episodes which makes it easy to watch but this will also leave you wishing for Season 2 to come around quicker! Love is another great addition to Netflix’s already impressive roster of original programming.







images via screenshots taken from my Netflix account

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