music monday: Bear’s Den

I was first introduced to the music of Bear’s Den back in November 2012. I remember it clearly because they were one of the support acts for Matt Corby (the other was Lucy Mason-also good) and I actually had no knowledge of them beforehand. However even before Matt Corby took the stage, once they finished their set I knew that I wasn’t just going to forget about them once the gig was over. I really enjoyed their music and their on-stage presence, the rapport they had with us the audience. I even purchased their EP (which was hand-stamped using a potato) and got to chat with them after the whole show had finished. I saw Bear’s Den live once more the following year at Barn On The Farm festival, which I talked a bit about in last week’s music monday post, where I was able to hear some of their new music live too.

Another point I touched on in last week’s music monday post regarding Barn On The Farm festival is how many of the artists I saw there are now much more widely known and successful. Bear’s Den can be counted in this as it has been cool to hear their music be played on the radio with increasing frequency since I first saw them and this popularity meant they could release their debut album Islands a couple of years ago too. Even though there were a few songs on Islands that I already owned and knew thanks to their other EPs, they had recorded slightly different versions for the album. I liked this because it didn’t make any of the music I owned redundant. I can still hear the song I originally liked but it’s different enough that it makes things interesting and adds some variety.

Back in early February Joey Haynes announced he was leaving the band which was a real shame but it happens and now Bear’s Den have become a duo of the remaining members Andrew Davie and Kev Jones. At this point I own two EPs, one being Without/Within, and their album Islands. Their new album Red Earth & Pouring Rain (their first as a twosome) comes out in late July and after listening to the latest single they have released – Auld Wives, I have no worries about them continuing to be a band whose music I really enjoy.

Bear’s Den – Auld Wives


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