music monday: Dog Is Dead (D.I.D) 

My music pick for today is by a band that I first discovered back in 2013. Dog Is Dead, or D.I.D as they are known by now, are a band from Nottingham who played at Barn On The Farm festival three years ago and so I found their music whilst I was listening to the bands I either didn’t know or wasn’t so familiar with. I really enjoyed the festival because it was small and intimate and the fact that it was held on an actual farm and the bands played in actual barns, created a really great atmosphere. If I was to go to a festival again, I would definitely choose one like Barn On The Farm over the usual large ones. Also, many of the artists who performed the year I went are now a lot more popular and are doing so well that it does feel good to have seen and supported them when they had a smaller following. I would recommend giving this playlist a listen as a sort of introduction to some great music and as an indication to the vibe of the festival.

Back to D.I.D, I chose to focus on them today simply because I like their music a lot and they are a band that I often come back to at random intervals. I’ve found that rather than listening to their music constantly, I’ll ‘rediscover’ their album All Our Favourite Songs at different points in time. I always enjoy this album and it’s actually one where every song on the tracklist is a winner. Despite this though it is still not amongst my regular music and I honestly am not sure why. One benefit I can get from this is that I do get to listen to it like new every time I get the urge to look up All Our Favourite Songs. Their music is more upbeat than a lot of what I have mentioned in my previous music monday posts but like with the rest of the artists I have highlighted, Dog Is Dead have a unique sound. I don’t think they sound like any other band you can hear on the radio at the moment as they mix an indie-pop sound with a jazz influence. The particular song I decided on for today’s post is Talk Through The Night as I think it encapsulates what I’ve said above, but it was actually really difficult to pick just one song from the album.

Ahead of Barn On The Farm festival there was a mix of artists I knew already and ones that I only knew from listening to the playlist in the time between buying the tickets and attending the event. However being able to see these brilliant and varied musicians live and in such an intimate and comfortable setting has ensured that I’ve kept up with them since then. It’s been cool to follow their rise as it has meant there is more of their music out there and it’s more readily available too. So I guess here is to seeing bands live and to attending gigs at smaller venues!

D.I.D – Talk Through The Night



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