music monday: Gemma Hayes

As my cold/flu is still desperately hanging on at this point and today is a bank holiday, I think I could have taken a day off the blog but I’m happy to say that I didn’t want to. I want to stick to my schedule and produce a post that I like and hopefully at least one person out there will too.

I decided to continue with my music monday posts because I do think it is a good way to start each new week and for this one, I’ve picked a song that is an old favourite of mine. This cold/flu I have is persistent and so as I am not 100% on the health front at the moment, I wanted a song that is comforting and will gently usher in both Monday and the week in general.

For this reason the music I’m focusing on today is Wicked Game by Gemma Hayes. Wicked Game was originally sung by Chris Isaak and it seems to be one of the most covered songs as many artists have released their own versions of it and it is often sung by contestants on reality shows too, such as The X Factor and The Voice. However it always comes back to this version by Gemma Hayes for me – it’s my personal favourite. I’ve had this song in my iTunes library for years now and it is actually one of my most played songs. I remember when I first heard it, I downloaded it as soon as I could and kept playing it over and over. I still listen to it quite regularly now because I just never get tired of listening to it. I mentioned in my previous music monday post (on Bon Iver’s Holocene) that I have a sleep playlist and this song is also on that, so the frequency with which I listen to Wicked Game only increases due to that. If you read most of my other music monday posts, you would probably be able to see a bit of a pattern in that I like dreamy-sounding, slower and more contemplative songs and this cover by Gemma Hayes could definitely be described with those words.

Gemma Hayes – Wicked Game



image via google image search ‘gemma hayes’

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