editorial appreciation: cfda/vogue fashion fund

Unfortunately, the cold/flu I’m suffering from has only gotten worse since Monday. I still don’t want to skip posts but at the same time I don’t want to just post something for the sake of it and have it not be any good. Therefore I decided to focus this post on an editorial that I was thinking of writing about. Something simple yet still relevant without being too taxing for me to actually write.

I’ve had the images saved in my drafts for a couple of weeks now but this editorial is a lot older than that. I guess as it is Thursday today it could act as a ‘#tbt’ because this fashion story was first featured in the November 2015 issue of Vogue US. I remember that I initially saw a couple of images on Instagram but I then quickly looked up the rest of the shoot online as I liked it pretty much immediately. This spread features the finalists of the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund and Kendall Jenner.

I know many people criticise Kendall Jenner and her position in the modelling industry but I don’t think it’s entirely fair. Obviously her name and the social media following which comes with that have helped her initially but I do think she is a good model. She has the looks and the physique to compete with other catwalk and editorial models, which can not always be said for celebrity offspring who end up in this profession, and she does seem to be working hard at it. I’m not saying she is my new favourite model or that she deserves the supermodel title Vogue US keeps describing her with, but I don’t think the amount of flack she gets is quite right either.

What I liked so much about this editorial was the clever way it showcases each finalist. It manages to put across the aesthetic of each one in a fun way that also highlights the unique qualities of them too. You can clearly see from image to image, the identity of the designers. I think the way it has been shot by Gregory Harris and styled by Sara Moonves, whose work I am already a fan of, adds to the natural and light-hearted feel of this spread. Additionally, I think these images show off the clothes/accessories by the finalists very well too.

Gypsy Sport
Thaddeus O’Neil
Jonathan Simkhai
Brother Vellies
David Hart
Baja East

This year (2015) of the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund there were actually three winners: Jonathan Simkhai, who was the only designer out of the 1o finalists I previously knew about, Brother Vellies and Gypsy Sport.


images via vogue.com

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