music monday: Matt Corby (again) 

I have been suffering with a horrible cold/flu since Friday and so I haven’t had it in me mentally (or physically due to my head) to sit at my laptop and write the post I was originally planning for today. I was going to take a break from music monday for a second week but as I’ve been best friends with my box of tissues for the past few days, a post simply focusing on a song seemed to fit the situation perfectly.

I decided to pick a song that I love because when we’re feeling crappy, illness or otherwise, it’s best to immerse yourself with as much of what you enjoy as you can. My weekend has been all about pyjamas, Kleenex and flu tablets, and as it doesn’t seem to be changing just yet I think starting a new week with great music is a pretty solid plan. This is the second time I’ve focused my music monday on Matt Corby (you can read my first post here) but to be honest I probably could have picked a different song of his every Monday for the past four months! He is my favourite musician and I never get tired of his music. More often than not when I want to listen to some music, I will go straight to Matt Corby. It really doesn’t matter what song or album it is, I will happily listen to it and how old it is doesn’t effect this either – his music doesn’t date like I find others can.

For today though, I have picked a song off his new album Telluric. I’ve heard this album live and it doesn’t disappoint in recorded format either. The song that I found myself humming after his gig was Wrong Man. It’s a more upbeat track, which is quite soulful and a good example of how his sound has evolved. I think Wrong Man and Telluric as a whole have further demonstrated his unique sound. This song is one that I can still have a little groove to despite my heavy head.

Matt Corby – Wrong Man

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset


image taken by me, March 2016

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