poolside perfection.

Originally today’s post was going to be on my favourite looks from the Cannes Film Festival but as it is still happening, I decided to bring forward writing about something completely different yet equally interesting to me.

Ilona Hamer is an Australian stylist, who is based in New York, and together with her sister and business partner Peta Heinsen, they have created the new swimwear label Matteau. What first drew me to the line was Ilona’s client and friend Phoebe Tonkin. The actress is one of my girl crushes (like most women I have many!) due to her style and her personality, which I think comes through in a genuine way via her Instagram. It was also her activity on this social media platform which introduced me to Matteau. She posted photos of herself in their first lookbook and from there I was able to look at their own Instagram account to find out more. I would definitely recommend checking it out because it does an excellent job of visually explaining the aesthetic of the brand.

The images I wanted to highlight today are from the new Resort 2016 lookbook. From the moment I saw it, I knew I would have to write about them. The photographer, Alexandra Nataf, has done a great job and I think the bare, stone walls of the Tulum, Mexico setting act as the perfect background too. I like how the more colourful parts of the location, e.g. the leaves of a palm tree and the pool, are only in the background of the black and white images. This ensures that the only bright colours throughout the lookbook are the coloured swimwear pieces and so the emphasis is always on the product. I do like the mixture of black and white and full colour photography. It creates a good contrast within the lookbook without making them feel like two separate entities. The three black and white images are striking, but I think I slightly prefer the full colour ones. You can just feel the warmth in these shots and I’m left wishing I was on holiday right now.

As for the swimwear itself, I love the Matteau style. Ilona and Peta have focused on making pieces with simple shapes and clean lines. Their first collection, which consisted of all-black bikini separates and a maillot, showcased their talent for creating minimal and classic swimwear. This resort collection further demonstrates that. However this time they have added a few new, but still timeless, shapes and colours which are intense yet muted at the same time. In short, I don’t think it will be long before Matteau becomes synonymous with super-wearable swimwear.

matteau swim4matteau swim2matteau swim6matteau swimmatteau swim7matteau swim3matteau swim5


images via instagram.com/matteau.swim, 10magazine.com.au

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