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There’s a bit of a change to the scheduling of my posts this week as I didn’t have a song that I especially wanted to highlight yesterday. Instead of the usual music monday, I decided to share some of the podcasts that I’ve been listening to for the past six months. Firstly though a bit of background to my podcast addiction: despite listening to the first season of Serial not too long after it came out, I didn’t properly get into podcasts until November last year. I was really ill for about three weeks and for two of those weeks I spent pretty much all of my time in bed. When I wasn’t sleeping, I was listening to podcasts. I wasn’t able to sit up and watch TV like I usually do if I’m unwell for a day or two at a time (a mini tradition of mine when I was a bit younger was to break out my DVD box set of Gossip Girl Season 1) and so I ended up listening to podcasts instead. I really can’t remember how I found out about the podcasts that kept me company when I was bed-bound, but I’m still so glad I did because they have become a regular part of my life. I realise that that last part sounded super dramatic but it’s true, I listen to them most days in a typical week and I do actually look forward to pressing play on a new episode. The periods of time I take to listen to them are always very enjoyable parts of my week. Also if I reflect on this, I guess it shows that silver linings can often be found. I’m unfortunately used to being ill but those three weeks were really rough and I’m happy that a positive came out of it in the end.

I have a few saved podcasts that I have not got around to listening to yet but I am optimistic that I will love them too. These are both related to Man Repeller (a blog I would definitely recommend if it wasn’t so highly unlikely that you had never heard of/read it). Oh Boy by Man Repeller consists of interviews/conversations with various notable women, from actresses and musicians to activists and CEOs. It sounds like something I would enjoy, hence why it is saved to my podcast list, and I have no good nor real reason for not listening to any of it yet. Monocycle with Leandra Medine is Leandra talking about many different topics, such as anxiety, boredom and getting dressed. The episodes are much shorter – many are only 10 minutes(!), and so I certainly don’t have a good reason for not getting around to any of these episodes yet.

Onto the ones that I do listen to regularly then and I don’t think I could write this post without listing Gilmore Guys first. I already mentioned this podcast in my current favourites post back in March and I continue to love it now. This is my most regular podcast as they put out two new episodes every week and I actually slowed down my re-watching of Gilmore Girls so that I watch an episode, listen to a podcast episode and so on. I really enjoy the in-depth and thoughtful conversations they have and how the hosts, Kevin and Demi and the guests seem to have equal, genuine affection for the show. Some of the guests I have known and liked before hearing them on Gilmore Guys (and it’s only made me like them more), such as Megan Amram and Jason Mantzoukas, and others I have become fans of because of the podcast, such as Aisha Muharrar and Anthony Troli. It’s really funny and it’s about two topics I love in one – Gilmore Girls and TV.

gilmore guys

The Nerdist podcast is one that I really need to listen to more. I’ve really enjoyed quite a few episodes already but I’ve got a lot saved and waiting too. I think the wide variety of guests that are on this podcast would appeal to many people and they wouldn’t be disappointed either. Every episode I’ve listened to so far have been great because they are more conversational and from that it produces more interesting chats that aren’t made up of the same few anecdotes you’ve heard on several different late night chat-shows. One important factor in whether the Nerdist podcast will appeal to you is your opinion of Chris Hardwick. I am obsessed with The Walking Dead, so I also watch Talking Dead and therefore I like Chris Hardwick but I do know that he won’t be for everyone. A couple of episodes that stand out to me are the ones with Connie Britton and Noel Fielding. These are people who I already liked – both them and their work and the episodes they were each on were really funny and I actually learned a lot more about each of them too.


The most recent addition to my podcast roster is Anna Faris Is Unqualified. This podcast features Anna Faris (who I’ve always thought was very funny) in conversation with various people, mostly actors, and there is also a segment where they take calls from the public and give them advice. The calls are pre-scheduled and all follow a certain theme each episode. I do think it is more entertaining to hear a conversation rather than an interview and it works even better when the host and the guest already know each other, which is what the case is with Unqualified. The episodes I have listened to so far are funny and it’s been interesting to hear certain celebrity guests converse in a more natural way/setting than when I’ve seen them on a chat-show for example. The two-part episode with Chris Evans and Jenny Slate, which also features Chris Pratt in the second half, is a really good one to start with.


The Vulture TV Podcast is one that I listen to when I want a smarter television analysis. I’ll admit sometimes it gets a bit much but if I see an episode that is focusing on a particular topic that I’m interested in or plot point that has happened recently in a show I watch, I will give it a listen. I like hearing the critics take on a subject as I do read recaps of some shows I watch and so I feel like this podcast is a more detailed extension of that. The episodes on Master of None and Jessica Jones/Marvel were compelling because I thought the way that Master of None spoke about race and diversity was refreshing and I’m a big fan of Marvel movies and the TV series that are on Netflix have been equally great while having a completely different tone. In these cases, as soon as I saw the episode titles and descriptions, I knew that I wanted to hear the Vulture TV Podcast take on them.


The next podcast I want to mention is #girlboss radio and despite only having listened to a few episodes at this point in time, I want to make it part of my regular listening ‘schedule’. Sophia Amoruso, founder of Nasty Gal and author of #Girlboss, hosts this podcast and every episode she talks to a different inspirational woman who is totally owning their field. They are all ‘girlbosses’ and so as a young woman it is pretty cool to have a podcast like this. Listening to smart and accomplished women talk about their paths to success is something I won’t tire of. In addition, the more relaxed and casual environment of a podcast makes #girlboss radio better in my opinion as it makes it less intimidating without diminishing how impressive these women and their stories are.


Finally How Did This Get Made? is simply a really funny podcast. Like with Gilmore Guys, I find it hard to listen to this when I’m out the house due to how I end up looking like a weirdo grinning or laughing to myself. Those movies that everyone finds themselves watching at some point which are so bad they’re sort-of good or so bad they’re just bad, is what Paul Scheer, Jason Mantzoukas and June Diane Raphael (all funny people on their own) discuss. The name of the podcast is straight forward – how did these movies even get made? Also I’ve found that if you ever happen to watch part or all of one of the films after you have listened to them talk about, it does make it more bearable even if you previously hated it!



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