come fly with me.

A fact well known by most people is that celebrities look unusually great at airports. Some admit that they change into pyjamas and have a full skincare regime during the flight, and then put on a new outfit complete with freshly preened hair and make-up before they disembark the plane. Whereas others seem to encourage the idea that they just look continually flawless while flying by not disclosing any tips or tricks. Although I do think that when you only fly first class or by private jet, you’re probably not going to end up having to deal with the same annoying issues that most people have, e.g. messed up hair/dull skin/general grogginess.

All that being said, I do still like to look at what celebrities wear to the airport. The number of them who wear more ordinary plane outfits is increasing and so the amount of inspiration to put together an outfit for flying that is both comfortable and chic is increasing too. I don’t travel as much as I’d love to but when I do (usually on family holidays) I’m often left wishing my outfit was a bit better. I never wear sweats or anything really schlubby but I feel like I could look more stylish and put together. Obviously comfort is key and dressing in a way that is weather appropriate for both the coldness on board and the heat of my destination is really important too. All of this brings me to the subject of this post – Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. She regularly demonstrates her superior travel style and has done so to the point that when looking at her personal style, what she wears to the airport deserves its own category.

I believe Rosie’s style for travelling gets so much attention because of how ‘normal’ it seems to be. She doesn’t wear skintight dresses or vertiginous heels like some other celebrities do, but she isn’t in a tracksuit either. The outfits she is photographed in at the airport are something to aspire to yet when you break it down, they are actually very achievable too. Of course being a supermodel means that she pretty much looks great in anything and everything and then there are certain clothes which are just not made for economy class. However I still think that it would be quite easy to adapt her looks into ones that would be flattering, appropriate and comfortable for most women.

The anchors of her airport looks are a pair of jeans, most often in a skinny fit, and ankle boots. She does occasionally switch it up with a heeled sandal or a looser fit of jean or trouser though. She carries large, structured bags a lot of the time (Celine, Balenciaga and Versace handbags are regularly toted by Rosie). Plain t-shirts are another style favourite and when paired with a statement jacket, it allows her to wear patterns or bright colours without looking over-the-top. There is a practicality to the finishing touches of her travel style too because she keeps her hair simple, frequently pulling it back into a sleek bun, and keeps accessories to the minimum, choosing a few delicate items of jewellery and a watch.



images via, google image search “rosie huntinghton-whiteley airport”

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