music monday: Josef Salvat

My choice of song for music monday this week came about in a slightly unusual way. I heard a bit of Rihanna’s Diamonds while watching a Snapchat story and I immediately thought about a great cover of that song. I still like Rihanna’s original version and I think it continues to be a good song even though it was released four years ago now. It hasn’t dated after a few years like a lot of more mainstream music does now, nor has it been so overplayed I can’t bear to even hear a little bit of it anymore (which is surprising since it was a huge hit). However, when I first heard Josef Salvat’s cover of Diamonds, I loved it straight away and my feelings about it remain the same now.

His version caught my attention when it was used in a Sony TV advert in 2014 and I remember that I looked up who sung it right away. Since then, I have definitely listened to his version of Diamonds more than I have listened the Rihanna original. Sometimes a cover of a really popular song can seem like the greatest thing for a little while after you first hear it but once a longer period of time passes, you go back to listening to the original and all but forget about that cover you once heard. This case is not like that. As soon as I heard the snippet of Rihanna in the background of my friend’s Snapchat video, Josef Salvat came to mind and all I wanted to do was play his cover of the song. I actually had not listened to it in quite a while at that point but I realised then that his was definitely my preferred version of Diamonds.

As I have mentioned previously, I do favour music that is slower and more chilled out and so it is probably not surprising that I like Josef Salvat’s Diamonds so much. Originally the song was a ballad with a dance beat but I think this version shows it off better. By slowing it down, replacing the dance music with a piano and then adding Salvat’s great voice, a beautiful cover has been created. All of these factors allow for the song to carry so much more emotion too. I believe that if you are going to re-record a popular song (by an even more popular artist) the best outcome is produced when you can still identify the original song but the new version makes you feel a completely different way. It shouldn’t sound the same but it shouldn’t totally mask what it was before either. I think that is what makes covers work and this one is proof of just that.

Josef Salvat – Diamonds

josef salvat.png


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