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I was doing my regular reading of fashion and lifestyle blogs the other day, when I came to this post on Fashion Me Now – one of my favourite blogs because simply put, Lucy Williams has great style and great taste. The post was about So It Goes magazine and included some photographs from several of the editorial stories in the new issue. I saved a couple of images from that post for my pinterest but I knew straight away that the shoot featuring Dree Hemingway was going to need some extra attention. I saved three photos from the Fashion Me Now blog post, but I looked at the entire spread on and picked my favourites to focus on myself.

I have liked So It Goes since it started and although I can’t remember exactly how I first heard about it, I think it was probably due to Lucy Williams and Fashion Me Now. Her boyfriend is James Wright who is the founder and creative director of the publication. Since its beginning, I have always been impressed by the quality of the content and photography in So It Goes and I’ve found those factors have been consistent in every issue. Another huge point of appeal of the magazine is that I’ve often felt like it was almost reading my mind. I mean this in the way that every issue has been full of people who I am really interested in and am personally a fan of (whether they be models, actors or artists). A great example of this is Issue 5 as both Norman Reedus and Erin Wasson were cover stars – an actor from one of my favourite TV shows and one of my favourite models. However I could also give Issue 2 with Greta Gerwig or Issue 4 with Dane DeHaan as proof of this as they are two actors whose work I never fail to enjoy. Even the latest issue references a recent television obsession of mine (and my dad’s)-the Netflix documentary Making a Murderer as lawyer Dean Strang appears on one of the four covers. I am already an avid reader of fashion and culture magazines and more increasingly smaller publications but the fact that So It Goes is one and has actors who don’t usually get cover features, even if they really should, just makes it worth reading even more in my eyes.

This leads on to part of the reason why this shoot appealed to me that bit more than the others. Most magazines now don’t actually feature models on their covers very often and when they do it is only occasionally that the ones I really want to see are picked (models such as Daria Werbowy and Freja Beha Erichson). Despite this, it is always great to see a really stunning editorial featuring these types of models and it almost makes up for the fact that a predictable celebrity will likely take the cover. Therefore it comes back to So It Goes putting Erin Wasson and Behati Prinsloo, styled very differently from her Victoria’s Secret look, on their covers and in their fashion stories. Back to Dree Hemingway though, I have been a fan of hers for quite a while now. I’ve always liked her as a model and as she has attended more red carpet events in the past year or two, I’ve found that she has great personal style too – her recent Gucci looks have been particularly great. I think Dree is a natural beauty in the true sense of the phrase as even when her face is completely bare, she is striking. It is this quality that probably makes me like her so much as a model because it means that she is versatile but also that she is the perfect subject for more natural and organic shoots. Those shoots that are the complete opposite to those that look like they have been retouched into oblivion. I definitely feel like this editorial comes under that bracket. The photographer Jesse John Jenkins has produced images that have a rawness and warmth to them. I can’t say I know much about Jenkins and his work, but I will certainly be looking out for his photography from now on.



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