music monday: Bon Iver 

After a couple of weeks of dedicating my music monday posts to newly discovered songs, the one I have picked for today has been well-loved by me for many years now. I can’t remember the first time I heard Holocene by Bon Iver but I know that I loved it straight away. I still listen to it very often now and it is actually the second most played song in my iTunes library. Holocene just never gets old for me because I think it is such a beautiful song.

Another reason that I do listen to it quite frequently is due to it being the first song in my sleep playlist. I’m not sure how many other people have a sleep playlist, other than my friend who inspired me to create one, but I would definitely recommend it as it does actually work for me. However I don’t only listen to this playlist when I’m struggling to sleep, it is great for times when I want to listen to more relaxing music like in the evenings or when I’m working and finding it a little hard to focus. I’ve also mentioned in some of my previous music monday posts how some music is good for those times when you want to have a contemplative moment to yourself, Holocene and the rest of my sleep playlist are perfect for those occasions too.

I personally do not enjoy house music or any of those really fast-paced songs that just repeat the same one line of lyrics over and over again. I do think I gravitate to music that is the opposite; that has more meaningful lyrics on the most part and I definitely appreciate music that is more pared back, that is slower and more thoughtful. I’m not afraid to listen to a sombre song either. While these are my general thoughts about my music preferences, I think this helps to describe why Holocene has never lost its appeal for me too.

Bon Iver – Holocene

bon iver.jpg


image via shore fire media

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