fashion on film.

Although I watch a lot of different TV shows and I’m able to (mostly) keep up with them, something I’m not so good at is finding time to watch movies. I actually have a list of films that I want to watch which include ones I’ve seen and liked the look of and classics that my mum has been horrified to learn I’ve never watched. Yet I do find it hard to block out 2-3 hours in the day to watch one regularly and it usually ends up too late to watch one in bed. The relevance of all of this is a new documentary that I will definitely make time to watch: The First Monday in May.

Occasionally there will be a documentary in my to-watch movie list, such as Blackfish, but I’m not one of those people who watch a new one every week. Where I am more interested in them though is when they cross with one of my main interests – fashion. I have watched quite a few really great fashion related documentaries now including Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has to TravelThe September Issue and Mademoiselle C. The latter two I actually own on DVD and I would definitely recommend, particularly if like me you love fashion magazines and want to see how they come together. They also allow the audience to see powerful and influential women, as Anna Wintour and Carine Roitfeld definitely are, at work.

This brings me back to the focus of this post which is the new documentary The First Monday in May. The film is about the 2015 Met Gala and shows all of the work that goes into creating the exhibition it celebrates and the planning of the event itself. As with The September Issue we will get to see Anna Wintour at work which is something I will always be interested in watching. Also I am excited to see what the inside of the Met Gala is actually like. I always look forward to the red carpet due to the fact that it is a proper fashion event and therefore the looks worn by the attendees are often pretty spectacular, and so I am intrigued as to what happens after that. I am not entirely sure if this will be shown in cinemas here in the UK but if not hopefully it won’t be long before it’s released on DVD because I cannot wait to take a couple hours out of my day to watch it.

The First Monday in May trailer

first monday in may


image via youtube

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