music monday: The Lumineers

My music pick for this week has a pretty weird and random origin story, but it is one that I think reflects 2016 quite well. I first heard this song while watching Kate Hudson’s Snapchat story on Thursday night – I told you it was weird!

Snapchat has become hugely popular, even more so this year and while I do use it with my friends, I have gotten into following a few celebrities on the social media app too. I like following some actresses and bloggers on there because they seem more genuine, it’s not so highly curated and finessed as what they upload to their Instagram accounts. So that brings us around to today’s music monday and Kate Hudson’s involvement in it. She can be a little odd on Snapchat but you can tell she’s having fun with it at the same time. A lot of the time when she just plays music in her snaps I skip past them (it’s annoying and it has made me think about unfollowing her) but when she did it the other night I quite liked the sound of the song. It was actually the little snippet of lyrics that I could make out which made me google them straight away to find out the song: “From the second time around / the only love I ever found”.

The song is Angela by The Lumineers and it is from their second album Cleopatra which was released this year. I, like most people, know of The Lumineers from their debut song Ho Hey and to be honest that is the extent of my knowledge of their discography. Ho Hey was very good in my opinion and I occasionally listen to it now but they aren’t a band that I have kept tabs on and it’s not for any particular reason either, I just haven’t. I guess it is fitting then that I discovered another one of their songs in a very organic way. I instantly liked the melody of Angela and the couple lines of lyrics I heard seemed to fit perfectly to create quite a dreamy section of the song. The rest of it has the same feeling and so I imagine that this song will be great to listen to whilst I’m working or when I’m having a contemplative moment and want to just take a minute to myself.

The Lumineers – Angela

the lumineers.png


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