press pause. 

I have been pretty busy the past week and a half but I’ve still made sure to sit down at my laptop and write a little bit almost everyday. However every time I did, I found it difficult. It wasn’t like writer’s block because I knew what I wanted to say, what other content I wanted to include in the posts and I was able to write something. I realised though when I was looking at two different, half-finished blog posts that it was more a case of feeling uninspired. I just wasn’t happy with what I was writing. I didn’t (and do not ever) want to publish content for this blog that I’m not 100% sure about just because it’s the day when I usually post. 

I will resume next week as I know a song that I want to write about for music monday. Plus starting a fresh new week when I know I have less going on will hopefully lead to me feeling more inspired.



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