music monday: Ellie Goulding

Unlike all of my other music monday posts, the song I’ve picked today is not an old favourite. In fact I’ve only known it for exactly one week. Today’s chosen song is Here’s To Us by Ellie Goulding which I first heard last Monday when I was watching Girls. It was the song at the end of the episode and in my opinion the best music featured on Girls is usually played during the end credits. (Side-note: maybe this is a Judd Apatow thing because I often thought the same of the music played during the end credits of Love, the Netflix show he created with Lesley Arfin and Paul Rust).

One reason I decided on this song is that I simply just like it. I’ve had a fluctuating relationship with Ellie Goulding’s music because some of her songs I’ve loved- at the time I’ve played them on repeat and I will still choose to listen to them now. However there is a fair amount of her discography that I haven’t liked that much or at all (her recent single On My Mind is definitely one of the latter) and if I’m being honest I have thought of her as overrated. I’ve been playing Here’s To Us on repeat since I heard it last week and I think it will be a song that I will continue to listen to past this current mini-obsession. It’s upbeat without being a straight-up dance track and it feels like it has more meaning behind it than some of her other songs, for reference Explosions is another song of hers which I like for similar reasons.

I do think that what you relate a song to can inform your opinion of it just as much as the song itself and so the other reason I chose this song is because of Girls and how well it fit in with the episode that it was featured in. This season’s sixth episode (titled The Panic in Central Park) focused on Marnie and what happened after she bumped into her ex-boyfriend Charlie. The entire thing was just so well acted, written and directed and was beautiful and heartbreaking. I would argue Here’s To Us is Ellie Goulding’s best song and I would say the same of this episode being one of Girls best. Also, when you really listen to the lyrics they go perfectly with the storyline of this episode: “ There’s something in the way, love is never enough… With a war in your mind that never wants to be won.”

Ellie Goulding – Here’s To Us



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