current favourites.

For this post, I decided to borrow from the YouTube vloggers of the world and put together a list of my recent favourites. There are several things that I’ve just been really loving over the past few months and as they are a random assortment I didn’t feel like they would make satisfying individual posts, and so I’ve grouped them all together.

What I’ve been listening to: Podcasts

I first started listening to podcasts when Serial started but after that I stopped and it wasn’t until November last year (while I was ill in bed for 2 weeks) that I got back into them. My absolute favourite has got to be Gilmore Guys and I found it especially perfect to listen to whilst I was cleaning out my long forgotten bedroom cupboard. Obviously if you’re a big fan of Gilmore Girls then you’ll love the in depth conversations they have about each episode but it’s also really funny too. The hosts Kevin and Demi are excellent as they genuinely love the show and manage to have a great rapport with each and every guest they have on. I started by listening to the first couple of episodes but then really got into it by just listening to the ones about certain Gilmore Girls episodes I love or have strong opinions about. I would recommend any of the episodes with Jason Mantzoukas as he is a hilarious guest every time. I now listen to it whenever I can; whether that’s while I’m cleaning my room, baking or as an accompaniment to a mindfulness colouring book. I actually listened to it today whilst giving myself a pedicure.

gilmore guys
Demi Adejuyigbe and Kevin T. Porter

Bonus: Nerdist podcast with Connie Britton

I was already a fan of Connie Britton as an actress (and of her beautiful hair) but I had no idea just how funny she is. I really loved listening to this episode of the Nerdist podcast and it made me love Connie Britton even more. I found out a lot about her that I don’t think you would from a regular interview and I think that’s because Chris Hardwick made it more of a conversation rather than him just firing questions at her. Also I didn’t know that she has been friends with Chris Hardwick since the 90’s and I think their relationship only helped to make this episode even more enjoyable and amusing.


What I’ve been wearing: Superga 2750 Cotu Classic in Bordeaux

I’ve had my trusty pair of Supergas since November 2012 (I know the date because their first outing was when I saw Matt Corby live for the first time) and they are still going strong. Their colour isn’t quite as vibrant but they don’t look scruffy either- perfectly worn in basically. Although I’ve had them for a long time I have been reaching for them every time I’ve had to go out recently as they are super comfortable, easy to style with most outfits, especially my beloved jeans, and I don’t feel like they are a footwear choice that everyone and their mother is currently wearing (as trainers are very ‘on trend’ at the moment). Also as my pair are in Bordeaux they go with everything without being black- a big deal for someone like me, when the most colour I wear is from my blue jeans or the occasional olive green sweater.


What I’ve been watching: The Walking Dead

It’s back and it’s still so, so good. I won’t lie and say I started watching it when it first started (I thought it would be too scary for a long time) but it’s probably my favourite TV show now, and at the very least it’s the one I’m the most obsessed with. The mid-season opener was the most intense and one of the best episodes of the whole series (all at the same time) and since then every episode has been the right balance of funny, touching and intense. I’m happy to say that because of The Walking Dead, Monday nights are back to being the highlight of my week.

Danai Gurira as Michonne

Honorable Mention: KitchenAid

I was completely surprised by my Christmas/Birthday present from my parents this year (my birthday is early Jan) as they got me a KitchenAid. I have wanted one for the longest time but I knew that I would never own one until I had a job with wages that I would have to save up for a quite a while, and so I still feel very lucky to say I own one now. They got me one in Pistachio, as that is my favourite colour that it comes in. I have just been absolutely loving it since I first used it to make some simple cupcakes on my birthday. It really lives up to it’s reputation because my baking is better than ever- if I do say so myself, I was pretty happy with my baking before but this baby has kicked it up a notch! It also just makes everything easier, for example my banana bread recipe in particular would kill my arms because the ingredients all had to be mixed in at the same time and the texture of my buttercream icing is better too. Plus, it is really pretty to look at.



images from: google search ‘gilmore guys’, wikipedia,, my own

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