music monday: Phoenix

I’ll be honest and admit that I haven’t listened to much music at all recently. I can’t give a specific reason why but I think it’s because the past week has involved a combination of being busy working, being ill, catching up on some TV (The Vampire Diaries) and then listening to podcasts (How Did This Get Made) instead of music when I’ve had the time to do so.

I looked at my iTunes library and decided to pick a song that, like last week, is an old favourite and one that I can listen to whenever. I wanted a song for this week that a bit more upbeat too because last week ended with me feeling good and hopeful about something quite important going on in my life, which is not a common mood for me!

I have chosen 1901 by Phoenix for this week as it fits the bill of being upbeat and a song I’ve enjoyed for many years now. I have really clear memories of this song because I actually brought the album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix on CD and I remember basically all of my family members being like “who??”. Thinking about it now, their reactions to this CD probably helped to secure the joke that both my family and my friends have separately that I listen to music nobody has ever heard of.

I’m not sure when I first discovered Phoenix but as this album came out in 2009 I guess I have my 16 year old self to thank. I’ve picked 1901 out of the ten songs on the album because although I like all of them, this song is the one I’ve listened to the most and it’s still a song I will often pick when I’m doing my own shuffle of my library of music. As I continue to write these music monday posts, I’ve found that I am really not the best at describing or talking about music. It’s easier for me to talk about a song in relation to what it means to me and when I like to listen to it, rather than the technicalities of a piece of music. Nevertheless, I think Phoenix has a unique sound and one that is different to a lot of the music that I listen to. I like that it’s upbeat without sounding anything like the crappy dance music that dominates most radio stations now.

Birdy, who is another artist whose music I really enjoy, did her own version of 1901 and I actually listen to it a lot too. It obviously sounds very different to the original by Phoenix but I think it’s just as good, which is as much a credit to the actual song as it is to Birdy’s voice. I think that her version of 1901 is a great example of making a cover of a song your own without completely masking the original version.

Phoenix – 1901

Birdy – 1901



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