mvp: chanel slingbacks

I’m not really into watching sports, with the exception of Wimbledon and some Olympic events, but I have heard of the American Basketball award MVP or Most Valued Player. I decided that this honour could be easily translated to fashion and particularly for an item that has become a staple choice for so many stylish people.

I am talking about the Chanel Slingbacks in beige and black that everyone seems to be wearing. My reasoning that they deserve the title of fashion MVP is due to the daily sightings I have of them on Instagram and the many different ways I’ve seen them styled.

The Chanel Slingbacks are a classic style and so no matter what the year or what the footwear trends are at that time, they will never really be out of fashion. However, I was initially surprised that they had become the new ‘hero’ shoe as they do resemble a style that is traditionally more likely to be seen on old women. It is not the shoe you would first think of being worn by style icons in every category (celebrities, bloggers, editors, etc). It is important though to look at how Gucci under Alessandro Michele has become the label everyone wants to wear. This makes it a little more clear as to why this classic shoe style has become so popular again. Alessandro has taken Frida Giannini’s sexy and glam Gucci woman and transformed her into one who favours an eclectic, granny-chic look.

Another interesting factor in the Chanel Slingback’s rise to street style glory is how it is still being worn so much now despite being first shown in the Chanel Autumn/Winter 2015 collection. Quite unusually, every single look in that show was paired with these beige and black slingbacks. Although perhaps this is one reason why they are so popular now because that show demonstrated what a versatile shoe they are as they didn’t look out of place whatever they were styled with.

The Chanel Slingbacks don’t seem to be going anywhere and their popularity with some of the most fashionable women will ensure that. It is also because of this that I wouldn’t be surprised to see a version of this classic shoe appearing in most high street stores soon.

The star shoe in question: Chanel Slingback in beige and black

A total of 93 womenswear looks in the AW’15 Chanel show were all paired with the Slingbacks. These three very different looks show how they are an all-rounder.

Eva Chen photographing the Chanel Slingbacks in more than one of her famous #evachenpose instagram posts is a sure fire way of creating a fashion MVP.

The following bloggers, celebrities and editors have further displayed how versatile these shoes are through the outfits they have worn during fashion week and in their daily lives. They have shown that the Chanel Slingbacks look just as good when paired with jeans, be them skinny or boyfriend fit, as they do with skirts of varying lengths.

Aimee Song

Aimee Song
Nicole Warne
Nicole Warne
Leandra Medine
Tash Sefton
Tash Sefton
Sara Escudero

FullSizeRender (2)
Sara Escudero

Soo Joo Park
Nicky Hilton
Candela Novembre
Eva Chen
Eva Chen
Emmanuelle Alt
Miroslava Duma
Giovanna Battaglia

images via, instagram, pinterest

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