music monday: Sharon Van Etten

Okay so I missed a post last week because I was ill at the start of the week and then when I was feeling better, I had to make up for all of the time I should have spent working. Basically a busy week of being ill and finishing an important project meant that it got to the weekend pretty damn quick, and without even a chance to think about writing a blog post.

I decided that this week’s music monday should be a song that is well loved by me and doesn’t have to be one that I’ve been listening to more often recently. Instead it is a song that I will happily listen to whenever but it’s especially great when it unexpectedly comes on the shuffle or when I just have the sudden desire to listen to it in a particular moment.

Today’s song is Love More by Sharon Van Etten. I think it is a really lovely song that is perfect for just taking a moment to yourself and reflecting on things. I can easily listen to it in the background whilst I am doing something else, but I do find it to be a song you can get lost in. I’m not sure whether or not this feeling is linked to how I first heard Love More, which was thanks to Free People’s short film to promote their March 2014 collection/catalogue. I would really recommend watching Rangeen because it is such a sweet and romantic little film which is beautifully shot and the music fits perfectly as the soundtrack.

I can’t confess to knowing that much about Sharon Van Etten but I do love her voice and the relaxed, dreamy style of Love More. I will have to take the time to go through her discography because another song that I often come back to is Every Time The Sun Comes Up, which is also by Van Etten.

Sharon Van Etten – Love More



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