music monday: Alabama Shakes

I actually didn’t know who this song was by for such a long time. I heard it for the first time while watching TV a while ago when it was used in an advert but I forgot to look the song up. I then heard it a couple of months ago during the Mr Robot season finale (side-note: it’s a great show you should watch) but again I forgot to look it up. I often found myself humming the tune but for some reason that never translated to me actually finding out who sung it or what it was called!

I finally found out that it was Sound & Colour by Alabama Shakes when I was watching The Brit Awards the other week and they used a snippet of this song when going through the nominees for Best International Group. I’m not going to pretend that I am suddenly their biggest fan but I was listening to their albums which are available on Spotify the other day while I was working and I really like what I have heard so far.

I decided to pick Sound & Colour for this week partly because now that I finally know what the song is I can listen to it as much as I want and fully appreciate how good it is. I also picked it because I think it’s a relaxing song and this week I have something happening that I’m pretty nervous about. I want to go into this week feeling calm and it also helped while I was working to listen to this song and the rest of their music.

Albama Shakes – Sound & Colour


image via google image search ‘alabama shakes’

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