music monday: Alt-J

Another week, another favourite of mine. Today I’ve picked Alt-J as they are one of my favourite bands. I absolutely loved their first album An Awesome Wave and I listened to the entire thing constantly, which is always a sign of a great artist/album if you can happily listen to and enjoy every song on the tracklist. Their second album This Is All Yours didn’t disappoint either, and while if I was forced to choose between the two I would pick their debut album, some of my favourite songs are on their second.

One of those is what I’ve picked for this week’s music monday- Hunger Of the Pine. I still listen to this song a lot now, even though This Is All Yours is now two years old! I’m not a fan of Miley Cyrus but the bit of her song that they’ve sampled in this track actually works really well and I don’t find myself thinking ‘urgh’ whenever I hear that part. Hunger Of The Pine also makes me think of the TV show Unreal. Even though I was listening to the song for quite a while before I watched the series, it was used in two different episodes at important parts and it perfectly set the tone for both scenes. As a side-note, I would definitely recommend watching Unreal because it’s a great series of TV, and not just for the Alt-J soundtrack.

I’m not a music writer, so I won’t pretend to be able to write eloquently about music but I just really like this song and that is what my music mondays are all about. Starting each week with a song and an artist who I really enjoy listening to and think that other people should (in a non-judgy, non-forceful way of course!) For me personally, I find that Alt-J’s music is great to listen to whilst I’m working and as I have a lot of work to get done this week, it seemed like the perfect choice for today’s music pick.

Alt-J – Hunger Of The Pine

alt j


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