micro trend: a/w’16 update

I usually like to publish my second post of each week on Wednesday or Thursday but this past week and a half has been quite stressful, busy and emotional. Thankfully it’s ended up being positive and with that relief I realised that it wasn’t the end of the world to write a post a couple of days late.

Fashion week is in full swing and I’ve been keeping up with the shows in New York, London and Milan so far using Instagram and Snapchat. These social media platforms are great for getting instant snapshots of the Autumn Winter 2016 collections and allow me to stay up-to-date without having to go through each and every show on Vogue Runway at that particular point in time. I can look at certain collections more thoroughly later on, but I don’t miss out in that moment.

It has also shown me the development of a micro trend for accessories for next season. I’ve noticed that several designers have featured cross-body bags worn high and tight on the models coming down their runways. When I think about it, it’s a simple update that anyone could make and they would instantly look more on trend come next season. All you have to do is tighten the strap and wear the bag closer to your underarm rather than it resting against the side of your body. Plus, if you are able to do this with one of these gorgeous bags then lucky you- stylish and envy-inducing!

They say three is a trend, so thanks to Proenza Schouler, Gucci and Prada expect cross-body bags to be styled like this on many high street store mannequins later this year.

Proenza Schouler


images via vogue.com/fashion-shows

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