music monday: Jenny Lewis

I’ve been a fan of Jenny Lewis for a long time. From her days in Rilo Kiley (I can still listen to Portions for Foxes just about whenever) to her solo material, and in particular her 2014 album The Voyager. I also like what she’s decided to work on outside of the albums she has released, such as the song Completely Not Me which she made in collaboration with Rostam Batmanglij (Vampire Weekend) especially for the TV show Girls and the movie Very Good Girls which she scored and wrote an original song for too.

Her music is quite upbeat and catchy but with it’s own unique sound, so you don’t feel like you could be listening to just about anybody from the Top 40 music charts. It’s unmistakably her style. Plus, it’s hard not to feel kind of cool listening to Jenny Lewis. Whenever I listen to her music, especially if it’s been a little while, I always find I’m asking myself why am I not listening to her everyday? The Voyager has been extra helpful recently as last week turned out to be not so great and it’s pretty impossible for me to listen to this album without having a little dance-along and feeling happier.

For this week’s edition of music monday, I’ve picked Love U Forever which I will probably love forever as it’s just a great song. I dare you to listen to this without immediately feeling in a better mood. Spoiler: it’s basically impossible.

Jenny Lewis – Love U Forever

jenny lewis


image via google search ‘jenny lewis the voyager’

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