style spotlight: Alicia Vikander

I don’t feel like there was a slow burn with Alicia Vikander. I first heard her name mentioned quite a while ago in relation to her being Michael Fassbender’s new girlfriend. That was all but then suddenly she was everywhere. It seemed like she was in several of the most buzzed about movies and was being touted as the new ‘one-to-watch’ both for her acting and her style. To me she went from 0-100 in an impressive style because who she was dating became the most uninteresting thing about her (which rarely happens in today’s media). Instead most of what I read about Alicia Vikander was how good she was in Ex Machina and The Danish Girl. While I haven’t seen either of these films yet, what I can comment on is how great her style has been whilst promoting them and how she has been one of the best dressed during the awards circuit too.

Alicia Vikander is very pretty and slim, which obviously makes it easier to look good and she is Swedish- I’m not sure what it is about people of this nationality but they are always among the most stylish. She seems like someone who enjoys fashion and who isn’t afraid to have fun with it. Possibly the most important factor in her rise to red carpet superstar is her stylist Victoria Sekrier., a model turned stylist who has obviously found her true calling because so far she hasn’t put a foot wrong in dressing Vikander.

Some designer-celebrity pairings are not always as good as they should or could be (ahem Jennifer Lawrence and Dior) but Nicolas Ghesquière at Louis Vuitton and Alicia Vikander are pretty much perfect. Her looks at the Golden Globes, SAG Awards and the Met Gala were in my favourites for each event and it is a great example of how the right brand with the right individual can complement each other so well.

Golden Globes 2016 in Louis Vuitton
Golden Globes 2016 in Louis Vuitton
SAG Awards 2016 in Louis Vuitton
Met Gala 2015 in Louis Vuitton
Critics Choice Awards 2016 in Mary Katrantzou
Cannes Film Festival in Valentine Haute Couture
The Danish Girl London Premiere in Louis Vuitton
Toronto International Film Festival in Erdem
W Magazine Golden Globes party in Marc Jacobs
Variety Magazine dinner in Rosetta Getty
Venice Film Festival in Louis Vuitton
The Danish Girl cast portraits at TIFF


images via google image search ‘alicia vikander style’ and

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